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Spooky the cat and a Love Spell.
Dear Reader,

I had a cat when I was younger named Spooky. Well, they want to be called Spooky now, but their name before was Sandy. Spooky was my familiar while alive and is still my familiar since crossing the rainbow bridge. Spooky is an orange tabby cat that is very friendly and likes to see people happy. Spooky has helped me and other people by leading them to where they needed to be and by bringing people who needed to be there to us.

Spooky headbutted me a few times this afternoon and then started licking my wedding rings. That's when it hit me, he wanted to help people find their love. So, we put together this spell to help you out. Signs that it is working is seeing cats and evidence of cats around you. The more cat signs you see, the closer you are to your Love meeting you. This spell will start to manifest pretty quickly because Spooky is a very determined feline blessed by Freyja (Norse goddess of love).

Give it a shot. It's just $5.00 and really simple. Just don't forget the potato chips, because Spooky LOVES his potato chips. (He guards the potato chips at my house and steals crumbs if they're left anywhere near the altar.)

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