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Tarot Peek: Week of 6/4/17
Hello folks!

I am finally organized enough to get back to doing my tarot previews of the week ahead for the whole Keen community. Here's what the cards are showing me for this week.

Sunday: Ace of Cups The Ace of Cups speaks of deep emotions and romance. This card promises that the first day of the week is going to be a time of peace and much needed healing.

Monday: The Moon This is a card of passage and transition. With much tears, we will be processing the tragedies that have happened and will find comfort in our respective faiths and spiritual beliefs.

Tuesday: 6 of Pentacles The warm hearts of the Keen community will reach out to those who are in need, bearing encouragement and aid where it is needed. I also see that special care will be taken for the younger members.

Wednesday: The Magician The community of Keen will all be working towards bringing the about major change in the world by way of our prayers, actions, and collective will to make the world a better place. The actions to help others that are initiated Tuesday will be making rapid progress towards fulfillment. Thursday: 9 of Rods The community will act to provide support to the members who are actively engaged in resisting terror and the efforts to cause harm. I see here that we will be providing encouragement where it is needed and advice where others need some direction for how to help others. Friday: Page of Swords Unfortunate, unexpected news will be arriving for some of the younger members. There will also be some difficulties with communication arising due to technical errors. We are encouraged to make a point of not taking the communication problems personally and to focus on clarifying things as best we can. Saturday: 9 of Pentacles This is going to be a day of recovery and rest. Well earned time to recover from the challenges of the last week. I see here that hearts will be given to gladness and love.
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