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Tarot Reading from the Lunar Eclipse
    This reading was alot more difficult then just about any reading I have ever done. I do not claim to know who this reading is for. Please be advised, this is going to be a long post. Take a moment to go grab yourself a cup of tea, this will take a bit. This was thrown as the moon entered total eclipse.


Tarot Deck Used: The Witches Tarot from Ellen Cannon-Reed
Spread Used: Celtic Cross with the 3 Card spread as confirmation

Position: Card (R)*, Clarifiers (R)*

* (R) - this indicates the card is reversed.

1. Querant: High Priest, 8 of Cups
He is engaged in all the proper acts. Fulfilling his role and duty in all areas as proscribed and in the correct form. He has kept his emotions and deep spirit in check. They now threaten to overflow. Be aware of boundries. Self-imposed limits do not always reflect what is there.

2. Situation: Lovers, 7 of Cups
He strives for her but she will slip his grasp until he fully unites his will to his spirit and grasps his desire firmly in both hands. Until then, she will look away to spirit, though spirit looks to flesh and is cloaked in the body and mind.
3. Deep Past: Chariot, Queen of Swords, Prince of Swords, and Ace of Pentacles
He was torn between two passions. One sought a 'strong Mother' in a severe woman of a firey temperment. The other seized control of fledgling passions and youth's heat. This direct path lead to enlightenment of the body and Earthly forms of knowledge.
4. Moderately Deep Past: Strength, Fool, Magician, Seeker/Hermit*, and 9 of Swords
Power came in surrender to ecstacy. A new path of Enlightenment came to him. He found occult knowledge and skill, but not the answers he sought. He turned within to seek knowledge. He has found his enemy is himself.
* As I looked at this card, I was told quite clearly to name this card as Prophet
5. Recent Past: 2 of Cups
Distance between his goal and himself has been keenly felt. The most recent attempt brought ignorance and denial of his value. She was praising barreness in the face of virility, yet crying for fertility. She is blind to the precipice. He has continued to struggle.
6. Immediate Future: Ace of Cups
Illumination, love, and an answer to the call of the Moon. One shall lead him along the way even as she gives him a healing draught of her heart. She will pass, and his life will be better, for she brings clarity in her ecstacy.
7. Hopes & Fears: King of Pentacles, 8 of Swords
He fears to be old, bitter, and alone despite of his wealth and money. He fears that he is fighting an insurmountable enemy. He hopes that these fears are illusions, but a nightmare from which he shall wake or a winter depression.
8. House & Home: Queen of Pentacles, Justice and 7 of Swords
One who is near to him provides a solid, grounding presence. Her motherly wisdom is from the age of her spirit. She is blessed with deep insight and clear vision with her gift of prophecy. You are encouraged to find rest and refuge in her arms.
9. Hand of God: Prince of Pentacles, 6 of Cups
He shall continue on his path. He is now manifesting the energy of his earlier choice. He will be called to celebrate this at Beltane. This is ordained of his spirit and from God's being.
10. Outcome: 6 of Pentacles
Remember that expression ~ "Life is a banquet and most poor fools are starving to death." Make a point to celebrate and seek joy. Grasp opportunity as it comes to you. Wealth, youth and joy may fade. Memory's store remains fresh and idle tears need not shed.
I. Past: 5 of Pentacles
Past difficulties seemed insurmountable inspite of his well completed work. His body was heavy and weary as his mind and spirit. Grim determination carried him forward.
II. Present: 6 of Wands
He turns within himself. He seeks solace in nature even as he strives to free himself from all destractions to his task of knowing and mastering himself.
III. Future: 9 of Cups
Love comes. All that is hidden shall be revealed. His power shall come to him. A woman shall be his guide.
    I am certain that other tarot readers here will see the interpretations I have here and find differences. If you feel that I have interpreted this inaccurately, please, post your interpretation of these cards here in the comments. I really struggled with this reading, which is highly unusual.
# re: Tarot Reading from the Lunar Eclipse @ Sunday, February 24, 2008 10:32 AM
I am finally going to post on this topic.  I have read, and reread this several times.  Every single card, with the interpretation, rings true for me.  It is so deep. it covers a great deal of time.  I truly feel this describes a relationship I have had with a gentleman for some 17 years.  We have been "apart" most of that time.  I am working very hard on my inner self now, about to embark on a cross country journey for enlightenment.  Only after I make this journey can I come together with this man, as he is also working on his inner spirit at the same time.  After all these years, we will finally have our chance.  

Thank you for posting this.  I know it took a great deal of your time and energy, and please know I am very grateful for this reading.  It answers EVERY single question I had.

# re: Tarot Reading from the Lunar Eclipse @ Sunday, February 24, 2008 7:21 PM
Not a problem.

I'm here to help. :)
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