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Ugh, it's tough being a parent.
Hi Folks!

All y'all who are parents too, I'm starting to understand why my brothers called my husband and I suckers when we announced our first pregnancy. It's down right exhausting to have a sick baby in the house! I guess my son can qualify as a baby, but I'm not entirely sure. He's at that year and a half point. *shrug*

He's caught some kind of cold and it's wreaking havoc on things around here right now. (Any ideas for how to get a sick little kid to settle down and take a nap would be greatly appreciated!) I've been caught up in this and having some difficulty sleeping myself. As a result, responses to e-mails are going to be delayed.

How is it that he's ill and so full of energy and I'm so exhausted? I'm *so* utterly baffled.


I'll catch up with y'all after a bit.

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