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Want an Email reading? Message Me!
Hi Folks!

I am working on finishing up some things with wrapping up the school year right now. It's making call time a bit difficult to arrange right now. It is also cutting into what time I would have for doing chat readings. That said, I am still more than happy to do email readings. My turn around time on an email reading is 48 hours from when I read your email. If it happens to take longer than 48 hours, I will send it to you at half cost and send you free minutes.

Now, you may be wondering how much an email reading costs. It's a great question. If you are looking for a very simple 3 card reading, that is going to be $5.00. A more detailed 5 card reading is going to be $7.00. In both cases, I will tell you a little about each card in the spread along with what the cards themselves mean in their positions.

If you want a very detailed 10 card reading, I will do as I mentioned above and I will give you a summary that shows how it all fits together. This is a reading that takes me around 45 minutes to put together. If you did this by phone, it would be pretty expensive. But, if you get it as an email reading, you pay only $20.00. That is over half the cost of this sort of reading over the phone. I think it is probably the best deal.

Message me today, and I will send you 5 free minutes towards calls in the future along with your email reading. It's something of a thank you for choosing me.

Have a great day!

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