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* A Still, Small Voice *

The following is an insert from a book I read:  A Still, Small Voice.  A Psychic’s Guide to Awakening Intuition by, Echo Bodine.  When I read this part of the book, I felt that I could relate to it and that it fits the mold of a lot of people I have come across in the course of my life.




Ø      Years ago, after the breakup of a relationship, my therapist said, “Look what’s happened to you ---- you’ve completely lost yourself.”  I was so far gone emotionally that I had no idea what she was talking about.  She went on to explain that when we’re being true to ourselves, we hear the guidance from our intuition and live our lives accordingly, but when we give our power to another person, we stop listening to our intuition.  We look to the other person to direct and guide us, and after a while we forget who we are.  Unfortunately, a lot of us allow this to happen because of our deep need to be loved and our fear of loneliness.


Ø      The man I had been involved with was a very controlling person who never honored the wisdom of intuition.  He would tell me to “get real,” and say that the way I was trying to live was stupid and foolish.  In every situation, he’d tell me what to do, what to wear, where I could and couldn’t go, what he wanted my career to be, what to say to his friends and his family, and how to act.  If I seemed the least bit ungrateful, he would pull his “look at all I’ve done for you” routine, and I would be shamed back into my dependence on him.  We were quite the pair.  He was king controller and I was queen co-dependent.  There was a part of me that resisted constantly, and another part of me that didn’t think I could survive without him.  I felt constantly torn between listening to my inner wisdom and listening to this man I was so addicted to.


Ø      Breaking away from this relationship took many years but it was worth every painful step.  As I said earlier, we can’t be true to our inner voice and to the voices of the world at the same time.  That never works when we’re walking the spiritual path.




Ø      When I had read this part of the book.  I thought back to the time I was in a relationship with this guy, which I thought I was so ‘in love’ with.  I did everything for him and he did nothing for me.  This hit home for me many, many years ago.  That was the time in my life that I was not using my abilities.  I have learned so much from that experience that I call it a blessing.


Ø      I do recommend that you read this book.  It explains so much in regard to intuition.  It has a great wealth of information.


# re: * A Still, Small Voice * @ Friday, April 06, 2007 4:56 PM
Wonderful story. It gave me a chill. Very touching.
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