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I am here to write what I feel. I hope that what I can share will be of help to many of you.
* Dreams and Visions *

Have you ever seen a ghost or had a vision of someone who has passed? 


Here are two stories, one is about a vision I had in the middle of the night back in the 1980's.  The other is a dream I had in May of 2006.


I was sound asleep and woke up with the feeling of someone staring at me.  When I opened my eyes and looked up, there was a man standing beside my bed looking down at me.  I pinched myself hard to make sure I was really awake.  It hurt, it was not a dream.

I then realized with some type of message that was coming from this man that it was my grandfather who had passed in 1969.  There was this automatic feeling, don't be afraid and I wasn't anymore. 

I laid there in bed and just stared up at my grandfather with my eyes wide open.  When I blinked, he was gone.  I looked at the clock and it was around 3:30 am.

The next day I received a telephone call from my mother saying that her mother had died at the same time my grandfather visited me.

When I had told my Aunt Marlene this. She said, "Oh yeah, what was he wearing?" I told her, "Brown tweed pants and a brown tweed vest with a shirt."

She said, "That's funny that you say that.  When we were kids we were so poor.  One day my father came home with a brown and blue tweed vest. My mother screamed at him, we don't have money for that and you are buying clothes. He felt so guilty and never wore them.  It's good to know that he is wearing it now."

I believe that seeing what my grandfather was wearing was confirmation of his visit for my aunt and myself.


Last May I had a dream of my brother, grandmother and grandfather.  In the dream my grandfather was standing at the front door of the house I grew up in.  He was waving to my grandmother and brother as they drove off to pick up my aunt Marcella. 

When I woke up I found this dream puzzling, because my brother, grandmother and grandfather are all passed.  My aunt Marcella is not.

I telephoned my aunt Marlene to let her know about this dream.  She told me that Marcella had been in and out of the hospital with some health issues and problems with her heart.

I am not sure what the meaning of that dream was.  The only thing that I can come up with is, it was not Marcella's time to go home. 


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