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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
Checking in our emotions
Feelings are much like waves, we can't stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf.  ~Jonatan MÃ¥rtensson

Ever feel as if we are riding waves of emotion, our life stays in constant chaos, people always upset with us, we can;t decipher why it seems we are so off balance.  Many times it is because we are.  There are ways to clear these things up so we feel balanced, people around us see positivity and balance.
My family are listers, a checklist type of family. Spirit taught me long ago that my day to day life is much more in order, less chaos, with checklists.   Breakfast check, computer emails,etc  check, get my weekly downloaded, check, get eb.... listings done,check, write 1 chapter on next book, check, on and on for the day.  I can remember my daughter at 9 years old having her lists.   Checklists, order, give us a sense of safety, saneness.    Most of us organized our business, our day to day lives, but we forget to organize , to checklist our emotions.  Yes, my dear ones, this is possible.   Many have discarded organized religion as their faith system, but in doing so, the daily rituals , or weekly rituals of organizing our emotions, our spiritual beings are discarded as well.  We jump up rushing off to grab a coffee, a tea, a hot chocolate not even eating breakfast ( another no-no to emotional balance)  thinking agh I didn't do my affirmations, my meditations, I'll catch them later.  Noon - lunchtime comes.  By then we are grouchy, ready for a fight, headache, our whole aura is in chaos.  People start backing up, avoiding our space.   This makes us really upset, soon our whole day is stormy, we feel cursed.  Truthfully, we kinda cursed ourselves.   See, the reason organized religions have these rituals, sit down, kneel, light the candle, sing, sit back down, pray, etc, is people need to do something, and it is our emotional checklist.   In praying there is the meditation of asking, in singing there is giving praise, thanks, releasing emotions of joy, we do our checklist of putting our emotions on path for the day.  So our checklist for our day the first thing on the list for today, tomorrow, is do our spiritual rituals whatever they may be.  Get up, feel every emotion that hits us square in the face. Ride the wave of the ones we want to keep, choose to let the others we don't want keep.  Emotions can be kept in check.  Just check our list.

stone magick:  Fluorite:  there are many colors of this wonderful semi-precious stone.  Most have never heard of it, but many who carry stones as healing properties use fluorite to help balance, center their emotions.   Green will also help balance the financial end which can help emotional health as well.  Red/Orange helps keep the physical body balanced.   Check out this beautiful stone when getting our stone pouch together.

I am here my usual hours today.  I will be answering all 2 for 2s, celtic cross email readings, animal totems this afternoon,  I look forward to sharing with each person.  Many ask me about getting tired.  If one meditates it is easy to understand because before I start readings I put myself in a meditative state, so I can channel spirit easier.  This leaves me at the end of the evening feeling peaceful, right in my world rather than exhausted.   Talk soon!! love ya, Me, Bob , Bets, T
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