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Courage May-27-2009

Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities . . . because it is the quality which guarantees all others.
Author: Joseph Chamberlain
Source: in a speech at Southwick

Sometimes our fears overcome, overwhelm,cause us to over react.  Fear can be devastating, crippling, can be impossible to overcome.  Building courage is not always easy.  Sometimes we must learn from very young, to jump in with both feet, even when there are doubts, there are worries, there are concerns.  Through meditation, through prayer, through LOVE, we can find the courage to step up , to realize our dreams.  Through the belief that there is something more out there, we can know that our lives are meant to be good,believe that our lives will be good, and have hope.  Reach out to Higher power today.  Start asking for courage to move ahead on life's path.

" The dreams I had as a child

Lively, full, strong and wild

I watched my life start to flow

The ideas I had began to show

What could be if I believe

If in courage I recieve

The hope. " - deborahmills - The Hope Series

Saving money tips: 1) Develop the habit of spending less than we make. Not always easy, but throw your change is a jar. we'll be surprised how much it adds up quickly. 2) Combine cable, internet,,phone in package deal.  They are making these alot cheaper, also only 1 bill to pay. 3) Buy refurbished electronics, check them out well, but alot cheaper 4) Request a reduction in the interest rate on your home.  It never hurts to ask.  Reach out with courage to ask. 5) Request a reduction in the interest rate on credit cards.  They too are sometimes willing to work with us. 6) Get rid of Private mortage insurance. 7) Never pay bank fees .  Some banks are not taking them now, if yours won't change, go to another bank. 8) Always BARTER at flea markets, thrift stores, side of the road sales, mechanical work, work around the home.  Use our newfound courage.  We'll make great savings that way.

I am running a little late this am.  I stopped for bit to watch ADAM LAMBERT on Regis and Kelly.  Let me tell you, that young man can sing!! Anyway I am here my usual hours today. If you need minutes, please write me.  Love ya bunches, Me, Bob and Bets.

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