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Decisions, decision!!
can bring you to the door, but you have to walk through.
Author: Jean-paul Vadnais
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Every day we have to make a decision, how our day will go, what we can do, what we want to do, how we want to handle this day.  Advisors, family, friends, can help show us our paths, but in the end, we must make the decision how we want to handle it.  Our messengers can be anyone to help us learn, grow, but in the end, these are just the people who show how to get on the path, not able to give the signs, make the path any easier , the time shorter.  All things in the time of the Higher power.  In the meantime, making the decision to live each moment with fullness, we will start to see the miracles occur.  This last time I went to emergency, ended in the hospital, they were sure I was having a heart attack.  In that moment, talking to my 17 month old grandson on the phone, I forgot about the fact that I had the problem, I just absorbed the moment of hearing this little boy saying Hi on the telephone.  What an important moment.  No matter what was going on around me at the time, I realized that this moment was good.  What a great lesson for me to learn.

"This moment, this precious moment

Is the most important to be content

We are so busy running here and there

We forgot the little things we can share

To make someone smile

Just for a while

And hope. " - deborahmills - The Hope Series

Frugal tips:  This morning, I was thinking about iced tea.  I set my jar out in the sun to make some sun tea.  Whether we drink it hot, or iced, tea is a cheap inexpensive drink if we make it ourselves.  It is also healthy.  Whether we drink green tea, fruit tea, or just plain, brewing up a good glass or cup of tea is an inexpensive way to keep hydrated while the summer heat rolls on.

Here is how to make sun tea:  1. Get a glass pitcher , or jar with the top on.  2. Fill completely with water. 3. Put 3 tea bags in ( cost about 25 cents per bag) let sit out in sun about 6 hours.  Have a great glass of unsweetened iced tea.  Makes about 1 gallon. 

To make good old fashioned  Southern sweet tea: 1 ) use your coffee maker.  Use one that has a paper filter so that when you make coffee again it won't taste like tea.  2) Put in the filter 5 tea bags.  This will brew a very strong hot tea. Make an 8-10 cup pot.  3)  Immediately while tea is still hot, add 1- 1/1/2 cups sugar ( natural sugar not an artifical or substitute)  Stir until sugar is completely melted.  4) Put in 1 gallon pitcher or jug, add enough ice to fill up the whole gallon.  Let the ice melt a little so the tea is not so strong.  Add a slice of lemon or to be different a slice of lime!! Hits the spot of a hot summer day.  And is cheap, natural , herbal!!

I am here my usual hours today.  I look forward to sharing with you. Many blessings and much love, Me, Bob and Bets

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