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Faith - seeking answers
Your messages I hear, but faith has not been given; The dearest child of Faith is Miracle [Ger., Die Botschaft hor' ich wohl, allein mir fehlt der Glaube; Das Wunder ist des Glaubens liebstes Kind.] Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Source: Faust (I, 1, 413) We all lose faith, we all lose sight of the vision. We as humans have been taught to question, to examine, to seek answers where we think there may be none. Lately spirit has been reminding me of Thomas,the disciple of the great Jesus. When Jesus returned from the dead, he didn't try to prove anything to those who took it for granted, but took Thomas by the hand, proved the answer to him. Moses, another great prophet, expected the people of Israel to believe in him, but took it upon himself to prove it to the Pharoh of Egypt through somewhat impossibilites. Even later day saints, leaders, politicians, proved that what had been impossibilities may now be realities. Just because we are having trouble believing,haveing trouble seeing, doesn't mean our miracle will not come. We will have our vision by seeking the answers, looking toward the questions, with open hearts and minds. Meditation with candles: Light a candle the color of the energy you need at the time. Green is for money or health, blue for truth & clarity, red for passion, or power, pink for healing for love. Many other colors stand for other things. SIt quietly in front looking into the flame. Watch the flame dance,follow the colors, the pattern of the flame as we focus on the desired need at the time. Continue with the idea in our mind as the flame continues to burn. Stay focused as long as we can. Let the candle burn completely out. Don't blow it out as it offends the fire gods. Start up our own homebased business - Check out Tory Johnson on GMA advice. I will be on my normal hours today. 10am -1 pm central, 4pm-11pm central. I look forward to sharing with you today. love ya, Me,B ob and bets
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