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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.

New ideas stir from every corner. The show up disguised innocently as interruptions, contradictions and embarrasing dilemmas. Beware of total strangers and friends alike who shower you with comfortable sameness, and remain open to those who make you uneasy, for they are the true messengers of the future. -Rob Lebow.
Author: Rob Lebow
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We have a plan.  We get a stable job, that yes, maybe we are a little burnt out, a little bored, no new challenges, but we definitely don't want change.  We,/ or our loved one, is in a bad marriage, a bad relationship, but even though spirit has brought a great new love in our life, we stay in quiet desparation in the situation we/ they are in.  We have a schedule, this is when we work, when we eat , when we sleep.  Now of course some of us, like me, have to eat on a certain schedule to keep out blood levels, take our medicines at the same time, etc which is good.  Structure, boundaries, for kids, pets, for all of us is good on some levels.  The problem is when we get stuck in a rut that gives us no new adventures, no new activities, no new friends, just plod on.  Spirit wants us to live life. Be happy.  Learn new things, Grow!!!! Life can be exciting when we let it.

"One day goes into the next day

I'm not sure when one ended the others stay

I don't open that new door for fear

I might find that there are a few tears

Life happens so fast, I don't see

That it is going right past me

So I move out of my safety net

To explore what will come yet

and find hope. " - deborahmills - The Hope Series

Frugal tips: 1)  Stop tanning.  We pay big bucks to tan.  Try to use the natural sun with sunscreen as long as we can. It's healthier too. 2) Stop buying expensive shoes.  One writer on the site I picked these up from used  Carrie on "Sex in the City" as an example.  She couldn't afford her rent but had Jimmy Coco and Prada shoes. There are some great knockoffs, and do we really need 40 pairs of shoes. 3) fat cutting substitute for heavy cream in soups, use evaporated skim milk. This is cheaper too. 4) Lower temp on water heater.  Safer for babies too. 5) make sure vents are dust free and not obstructed. 5) plant shade trees around the house.  My parents have many shade trees around their house, and they only use air conditioning during summer when company comes or during the 100 degree weather times.  Also in the winter , it blocks the heavy winds. 6) Pick advisors we are comfortable, easy with, know and trust during the hard times.

Whew.  Meditation gave me this blog today, as well as a shake up call.  It"s been a hectic week.  Monday I had my class, Tues took dad to the doc, got my shot, Tomorrow during the day I'm going up to help my daughter as her husband's out of town, today I have a business lunch at 11:30 with my other business.  Also this morning I am going to spend finishing up my books.  I had a shock yesterday as I had promised to have them done by Nov for the xmas holidays, but a man wrote on my advertising site giving me a bad rating because he was "VERY DISAPPOINTED" that my book " I'm Living with the Other side" is not out on sale yet. I see this is a wake-up call from spirit that I need to spend more time on this.  I'm very "anal retentive" so if my hours on Keen are 10 -1 , then 4-11.  That is what I expect to do.   Spirit is working on my flexibility.  I will be here today as soon as my business lunch is over. 

So I'll talk to you later today.  Love ya bunches, Me, Bob and Bets

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