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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
Getting better in 2010.

The good man is the man who, no matter how morally unworthy he has been, is moving to become better.
Author: John Dewey
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We all strive in every way to get better with our relationships, our jobs, our spiritual walk.  We marry someone who makes us want to be better people.  We find jobs that stimulate our creative side, give us advancements, make us feel successful, we seek spiritual guidance that helps us grow, learn, give to others, for peace, joy, hope in our lives.  No matter what mistakes we have made in the past, no matter what others say, or think of us, People will always either love us to death or not like us at all, trying to strive to reach greater heights, greater strengths, giving more, more to the universe as we continue to grow is the key, our mission, our hope.   Keeping our spiritual walk moving forward will bring the other desires, wants, needs to us along our path, our way.  We can be better in all ways this year. We can achieve. we can win.

Frugal tips: Tax season is upon us.  Be sure to be prepared with all papers.  Learn who your preparer is, how good he is, does he/she stay year round open,learn about your own money, keep track, this will help save you money, stress from the IRS,

Well, I've written this twice, my computer froze up. Agh.  Time for a upgrade, cleaning. Just for a laugh SpongeBob my Boston terrier was a pistol at the boarders this last week.  The boarders are his vet's clinic.  They were working, here comes Bob down the hall, running around.  He got tired of being with the other dogs in the run, so opened the latch and came on out.  He kept opening it after they put him back in, so they had to lock it! LOL.  They were laughing at how smart he is. Thank the gods he didn't open all the runs, let all of them out.  Bets was in the same run, but she stayed where she was suppose to be!

I'm trying to add some pics of my trip, but it's not connecting. I'm going to try again. some have asked for them. I will be here my usual hours today. Looking forward to sharing positive hope to have a better year today. love ya, Me, Bob and Bets

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