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Gratitude Jan-02-2010

There is a calmness to a life lived in Gratitude, a quiet joy.
Author: Ralph H. Blum
Source: None

We all know that many times, in the hectic, often stressful ways of life, it is hard to find things that make us grateful.  Everything seems to be topsy-turvey with no signs, no hope, no way that it will ever change.  Fear creeps in, creating this tornado, this wild chaotic atmosphere in our aura, our minds whirling around ,around much like a hamster in his exercise wheel running around, around going nowhere fast.   We all get frantic of life, each has our own worries, crosses to bear that we forget to get calm, get patient, return back to the quietness of our spirit that will give us peace, then the answers for which we are looking.   Mornings time , spirit says, write, affirm all the goodness around us, even if it is that the sun rose this morning to give us a new day to begin again. Yesterday is gone, we are alive, ready to take on the world.

I am thankful for each of you.  So many times when spirit is talking to you, I, can relate to something in the message as well, also getting to know so many wonderful, loving spiritual people has been a huge blessing to me.  In this New Year, I look forward to sharing with each one again.

I am here my usual hours today.  I am getting ready for my trip to Phoenix on Monday. I won't be working at all on Monday, but will work during the day when James is at school while there.  I already had to take my dogs to boarders as I leave too early monday morning and no one is there to open up to receive them over the weekend.  Oh, I miss them already.  They love it there though. Someone comes in nights and weekends to play with them.  They put Bob and Bets in the same large run as Bets throws a fit in she can't be with Bob. It's so funny. So I dressed them in their little sweaters as it is 18 degrees here, got them in the car, they were so excited to see Amanda,  watching them helps start out the day laughing.

Love you much, Me, Bob and Bets

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