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Happy Father's Day Jun-21-2009
My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it."
      - Clarence Budington Kelland


We learn by example.  It really doesn't matter what we say, its what we do that really counts. We tend to forget that when we talk to loved ones, People who have upset us, hurt us, intentionally or unintentionally, forgetting that life is short, this loved one can be taken from us tomorrow.  Remember the movie love story, " Love means never having to say you're sorry." Of course, that's not true.  We do need to make amends, but her statement wasn't that he didn't need to apologize, but that she didn't need to hold on to what he did, hold a grudge and let it make cracks in the relationship.  We need to cherish every day we have with our fathers, our mothers, our parents, our children, we need to just rest in our confidence that we are loved, and love back.

Ways to dispel depression: 1) Get outside, walk, exercise, Vit D. is a good natural way to help depression. Also exercise speeds up the endorphins, serotin in our brain that heals depression. 2) Keep up with healthy friends.  Try to avoid negative people, angry people if we are already down ourselves.  3) Diet- Don't skip meals.  Also eat a little of what we crave, Sometimes our body is telling us exactly what we need.  4) See the other side of the coin. Write down pros and cons, positive and negative of every situation.  Give positive affirmations. 5) Help others 6) Keep peppermint around, it dispels apathy, eat spicy foods if our body can tolerate it. Nothing perks us up as hot peppers, cilantro,curry.

I will be here my usual hours today.  I am running out to see my dad today.  This Happy Fathers day is to all the father's, the people who take the place of a father, the men and women who father in one way or anothers.  Many blessings and much love to all, Me, Bob and Bets.

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