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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
Happy Monday evening

People are enjoying the stories of animal totems.  These are interesting to find which animals are our own special totems around us.  Whenever I see a cat that I don't know, I know it's my father coming to check up on me.  He's told me this many times and I've found it to be true, he knows what's going on around me.  My employees know that if they see a crow hanging around, I'm somewhere nearby watching to make sure all is well.  I have 2 dogs in my home.  They are members of the family.  Both came to me.  They picked me. I didn't pick them.  One of my dogs, SpongeBob Squarepatches , has been known to help me chose tarot cards when I am using them.  The other dog, BettyBoop de Boop, has helped me with healing when I need it.  Dog medicine according to The teaching of the Wolf Clan in the book that comes with the Medicine cards by Jamie Sams andDavid carson (c) 1999. is the medicine of loyalty and service to others.  Dog gives us unconditional love, and is there no matter what we do.  Dog medicine asks questions:  Have we forgot our allegiance to our personal truth?  Has the opinion of others jaded our loyalty to someone or something? Have we ignored people who are trying to be our friends?  Have we been loyal and true to our goals.  Each of us can use Dog medicine in our lives.  We can learn from their unconditional love and loyalty and service to others. 

I am here to serve tonight until 11 pm central time. Talk to you soon. love ya, Me, Bob and Bets

# re: Happy Monday evening @ Tuesday, April 22, 2008 8:34 AM
I have to agree that dog medicine is amazing. I also have a Boston Terrier named PorkChop and she has been a source of unconditional love regardless of the mood I'm in!
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