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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
Happy Mother's day
 you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments.
Author: Flip Wilson
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This is suppose to be funny, but in reality, there is always someone who cares if we are alive or not.  We may get surprised by who is thinking of us, noticing us, wanting to be in our lives.  Each person that enters our life is there for a reason.  We may not think they even notice what we are doing, but they are learning, watching, seeing us as we are.  Each of us are important today.  Whether we are a mother, a father, a pet owner, an aunt or uncle, someone cares about us.  Someone is thinking of us, and we have purpose in their lives.  I got a call from my son this morning.  It is so exciting to know that the minute someone wakes, they are thinking of us.  Course Bob and Bets got me flowers yesterday ( I had to pick them out myself but oh well ) they are sure pretty roses.  And I am "grammee debbi " to alot of you, and my neighbors. Even the guy at the convenience market where I sometimes get gas calls me "grammee debbi".

I'm going out my mother's for lunch today so will stopping at 12 noon. I'm giving her a copy of my poetry book along with a couple of other inspiritational books!  I will be back on this evening from 4 -11 pm central time.  Have a great mother's day!!

Frugal tips for using old newspapers: 1) Make flower pots out of them.  Find out how on ehow.  2) Put inside loose shoes to tighten, wet shoes overnight to help dry and deorderize. 3) Crumple and put in suitcase a couple of weeks to remove stale odors. 4) Stuff in hats to keep their shape. 5_ Wrap green tomatoes in them to help ripen. 6) Use a packing materials.

Love ya all, Me, Bob and BEts/

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