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Happy hump day Apr-23-2008
Today I went to lunch with my mother, my daughter and my 5 month old grandson.  He is such a joy.  We were playing and he was just laughing almost to the point of screaming.  Then I came home and watched Dr. Phil about the kids in Texas.  My heart breaks for these kids and their mothers.  Many people wonder why the mothers would stay in a situation like that.  .  But now I see that everything has a reason and a purpose.  Being gifted as a clairvoyant and medium, I had a hard time fitting in anywhere.  Many think that it is evil,, many think that we are crazy.  I've even been tested for schizopheria.  I actually have a piece of paper stating that I am sane and emotionally whole.  So I tried to fit in different places and religions.   This is why women stay in situations that they need out of.  Because they want love. They want like everyone to fit in somewhere.   Now I see why I'm where I am, so that I can help others get their lives on the right path.  To love themselves just as they are.  To believe in themselves and know that people can change.    To realize we are special and good just as we are.   Today I am meditating on how great my children and grandchildren are.  How blessed we have been and knowing that we were and are protected helps out alot.  Send lots of light and love to these children and mothers in Texas today.  I sure am.!! Talk to you soon.
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Dear Deborah:

I agree that we need to send our loving energy to the children and Mothers but I am really having a hard time dealing with the religion that uses the name of God to control, manipulate and subjugate women.  Throughout history we have seen this factor in organized religion and this will not be the last incident.  Do we wait until the women have more children then rush in and take them also?  I am unsure in my own heart how I feel about this situation.  I see women put in subservient positions around the world and some are even mutilated so I am having a hard time with this situation in Texas and I think the men involved in this religion are not much better than pedophiles that are prosecuted in court.  I really struggle with feeling sympathy at all for the adults in this cult.

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Hi. Yes many of the mothers were raised that way themselves. They are literally brainwashed. I'm very thankful I was sent back home.  And now I can help other women not stay in situations like this.  Women should love themselves and these men should be prosecuted like other phedophiles.  I agree with your comment totally.
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This is out of context, but I want to say thank you Deborah for all you do. You are truly God sent. I am Catholic, prayed hard that I needed a guide and voila I found you on keen. Its not easy to talk all the time, I'm sure sometimes you get tired sometimes, but you keep on so pleasantly and at such a low rate. I trust my spirit and although others may says psychics are evil or crazy, I know you are a blessing. All your prophecies for me have manifested and | know God is using you to show me my way ~ THANK YOU!!
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Thank you.
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