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Having a purpose!

Existence is a strange bargain. Life owes us little; we owe it everything. The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose.
Author: John Mason Brown
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We all have a purpose.  Many times some say that they have no purpose in life, no meaning, no mission, but we do.  Be it a co-worker, a neighbor down the street, the child in the grocery store, someone is watching us. Watching to see how we handles situations, how we live life, if we know how to smile. It's not so easy these days, with everyone scared, the government acting like they don't know what they are doing, changing their policies, their party, standing behind one thing then denying it later, who do we trust, how do we have hope?  The answer still lies in the Higher powers that be.  No man, woman or child can hurt us if we trust that Higher power in in our lives.  We still have the power, we can still change things.  This is how each of us have a purpose, to stand for ourselves, our family, our loved one, with determination, with strength, to gather together to make changes.

"Life was spinning out of control

I didn't know my purpose, what was my role

I became afraid, scared to make a stand

So I sat, crying, my head in the sand

But the spirit spoke, whispering to me

This isn't the way it has to be

So lift your head, bring on a smile

This will only take a little while

With hope. "- deborahmills - The Hope series

Frugal tips:  1) The key thing to saving money is plan ahead.  Take inventory of what we have, don't have, what we really need.  Go to the store with a list and a calculator and use them both.  Buy only what we really need.  Use coupons but make sure with some of the higher brand names, that even with the coupon the brand name may still be higher than the generic. 2) Buy paper, pens, ink, folders, etc during back to school specials.  Great time to buy in bulk. 3)  If we are thinking we may be needing a new car, now is the time to buy.  I know we are being scared by GM's downfall, but instead of being afraid by that, dealers are going to be giving great deals to get rid of the cars off their lots. 

I am here my usual hours today.  I continue to research, to see how we can find our way back to the United States we know and love, our families back to spiritual life, and a healthy balanced world.

Love ya, Me, Bob and Bets/

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