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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
Hi there Apr-09-2008

I have tulips right outside my back door.  They are so beautiful. Yellow, purple and red ones.  I have 2 rose bushes there too.  One yellow bush and one red.  They are not bloomed yet.  Its like our dreams.  We plant them, nuture them, then stand back and let them grow.  It takes some time.  I planted the tulip bulbs in the fall last year and the rose bushes, one 2 years ago and one this year in March.  I had to wait for the fruitation of the flowers and are still waiting on the roses.  Waiting for our dreams is much like this.  When the time is right, the manifestation will come.  I am here tonight until 11 pm central.  Waiting to talk to you. blessings

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