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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
Humility is to make a right estimate of one's self. It is no humility for a man to think less of himself than he ought, though it might rather puzzle him to do that. Author: Charles Hadden Spurgeon Source: Gleanings Among the Sheaves--Humility One of the most important things that we must do every day is to take inventory of ourselves. Perhaps it is in our nightly prayers, affirmations, or meditation, perhaps it is in the morning when we first rise so we can think about what we can do today to make life better, ourselves better. Did we hurt someone else yesterday? what can we do to perhaps say something a little different,yet still say the truth without inflicting pain or discouragement? Being humble isn't having lack of confidence. We can, in trying to appear brave, or act like we aren't hurt, or discouraged appear to be arrogant, to be without the ability to be willing to listen to someone's else's ideas, or what spirit may be saying to us. Many times spirit will start talking about something entirely different than what our preconceived ideas may be. If we truly want to know our path,what spirit is saying, listen without the preconceived ideas that we have. "But he/she never does that." THe only way that the relationship, that job will be different, that it will work, is that changes must come, even ourselves, our attitudes, what was. Many night I lay awake trying to come up with the best ways to share spirit with each person sent my way. The student always comes to the teacher, not the other way around. Most people who are working this work, we tell exactly what spirit is saying. We don't need to tell things that arent' true. Try to listen, be open, know that spirit is trying to put us on the right path for happiness. I am here my usual hours today. I do hope to share with each of the people that spirit leads my way. Notice I don't feature list, advertise or solicit calls. That is not what this daily email is for. I wait, if spirit wants me to have no calls in a day, okay, I'm to do something else, if I have 15,that's spirit too. I love you all with every ounce of my being. May the universe bless and keep you,Me, Bob and Bets
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