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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
In the dark we can see.
Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark. ~Rabindranath Tagore We all go through dark times. The times when we wander on our spiritual path without being able to “see” ahead on the path to our dreams. We often look at everything that appears to be happening right now, what we read, what we see, what we hear, we think oh gosh, this will Never get better. Our good news is that as often said, “It is always darkest right before the dawn” ( thought to be originated by Thomas Fuller author) . This means that even though we can’t see ahead, that situations are often not what they appear to be, our light, the path, the dawn in about to come, changing our lives, a fresh new day to be alive, to fix things, to make our dream happen. As we stand still, waiting for the dawn to come so we can start again, we wait. Then in the distant the first little song bird starts to sing the new message, we start to head toward that sound, as we do the dawn breaks, our faith was not in vain, we can see ahead to make the dream come alive, if there is a will there is a way! (Pauline Kael) . We , ourselves, can be the bird that sings with faith when all is still in the dark. Task for today: Say 10 positive reasons why we will achieve our dream no matter how dark the path may seem. Animal totem: Songbird: Songbirds often symbolize fertility, of life, of renewal, of an idea, bringing success and new ideas to our lives. Hearing a songbird , having Bro robin . swallow, or mourning dove hop up to us on the grass to get the new seed gives us the hope for transformations, changes that will come today. I will be working this am after yoga class until 1 pm. I will be off tomorrow morning only working the evening hours as I am taking dad to his heart doctor. It’s just to check his pace maker no biggiee! Thank the gods. I’m really excited to see how spirit is opening up more doors for each person to reach their dreams. I’m getting feedback via email that although it did seem the darkest lately , the dreams are happening. After yoga this AM, I will also be answering all email readings. If you have one in waiting, I will get to it this am. Keen customer service is open, but yesterday on some emails I had trouble getting the reply button to work so I will call this in. Ah technology, we have to love it! It is great ! looking forward to sharing with each person spirit sends today. Remember until the economy gets better, when we add $10 to our talk, Deborah mills will send 2 free minutes. May the fairies dance around us today causing us to smile for just a minute. Love ya, Me, Bob, Bets, T
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