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Memorial Day
Our land, the first garden of liberty's tree-- It has been, and shall be, the land of the free.
Author: Thomas Campbell
Source: Song of the Greeks

We make our country what it is.  Today is a day set aside that no matter what our problems are, no matter if we believe in the fighting that we are in with other countries, we must remember that the soldiers - our armed services, the ones who have gone on before, did in out of love, out of protection for us.  So that we may remain free.  Argue with the politicians, stand up for what you believe in, yet give our military men and women, some very young all the love protection and thanks that we can every day.  Today let us set aside our problems, and salute those who are fighting to help us correct them.  One of our own on keen lost his son in Iraq on May 21st of this month.  We send this advisor and his family all the love, light and thanks that we can.  Yesterday I watched the movie " The Boy is the Striped Pajamas".  I never should have.  Shows about the halocaust just tear my heart out.  It does remind us though, that this could happen to any of us.   Send some positive thought to someone you know today.

"I don't believe we should fight a war
I want our kids home where there is no fear
But the truth remains that the heartaches stay
For others not so fortunate as our way
So to those who bear the love to share
Our thanks to you and we are aware
You are our hope. " - deborahmills - The Hope Series

Things to do for our deployed soldiers. _ is a good source.  Write is the most important thing.  care packages, cigars, computers, believe it or not , beanie babies, health and hygiene care kit, candy, shoes, towels, etc.  There are some regulations so check out the anysoldier website before sending something.   Also if you have a particular love one over there,  submit name, rank, address etc to  They will send them 1 case ( 24 1 lb bags) of dunkin donuts!! what a treat.  Check it out.  It will make your day !!

I am here this evening from 4 - 11 pm central time.  I am sending part of my day with my daughter and grandson so will be looking forward to sharing with you this evening.  much love, Me, Bob and Bets.
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