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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
Morning Glorys

Today my morning glory seedlings started popping up.  I love morning glories as I love to be outside on my patio in the early mornings.  They open up and bloom then close their eyes in the evening.  The symbolic meaning of morning glories are the transience of life.  Life passes on and changes.  Life is short for this lifetime and to make good use of each and every moment that we can.  Life opens for us , blooms then we travel on from here.  Trying to remain positive and  open is the best thing we can do.  Sharing with others is helpful for them and for us too.  When we give , we get back.   Just don't eat the morning glory seeds, they are a hallucinogen. 

I'm here until 11 pm for both appts and the queue. Talk to you soon.

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