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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.

The most important thing about motivation is goal setting. You should always have a goal.
Author: Francie Larrieu Smith
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What motivates us every day?  Our dreams, our goals, yes, but also the hope that this too will pass, life get will better, we will reach our goals. Every day is a new day with a purpose, a reason for us to be living life to the fullest.  The key is to set goals for the day, goals for the week, goals for the year, and then get passionate about these goals.  Higher power is ready to give us the tools, the answers, the miracles we need to follow through on these ideas.  Ask Higher power to help us, thank the spirits and the gods who send us the power, then get excited.  It always seemed to me that the more I needed the miracles, the more they came to me on a daily basis.  Sometimes it came in the form of money, sometimes in other ways.  We always think that we need the money, but higher power can give us so much more than just money to meet our needs.  Once we needed propane gas for the heater we used.  The gauge was on empty. No one, not the landlord, not the previous people had filled it up.  Me, of course, I was asking for money to fill it up. Higher power had a different plan.  I was told by my guides to turn it on anyway. I did. Even though the gauge was sitting on empty for the next 3 months, heat came out of the heater for the whole of the cold winter!  Set our goals, think outside the box, listen to our guides and be prepared for surprises.

" I walked into a meadow of light

The sun there was so bright

It was hard to see what may lie there

So I knew that spirit only wanted to share

The hope. "- deborahmills - The Hope Series

Frugal tips:  This time of year we all start wanting to lose a little weight, a few inches. These tips are not only economical but will help us lose weight as well. 1) Drink lots of water.  People often confuse thrist with hunger.  If plain water doesn't work, drink some herbal tea. 2) Be choosy about night time snacks.  Shut the kitchen down at a certain time. Or eat a package of 100 cal cookies, or low fat ice cream. If you are prone to ulcers, or digestive GERD, don't eat dairy products at night. 3) Instead of cutting out favorite foods, eat smaller portions. 4) Eat some kinds of protein at every meal. Yogart, beans, meat. 4) Eat more smaller meals during the day.  We don't tend to binge at dinner if not hungry. 5) Spice it up.  Foods with more flavor satisfy us quicker.  If needing something sweet, suck on a redhot fire ball candy. 6) Stock Kitchen with healthy convenient foods. If we can fix a meal in 10 minutes, we are less likely to call for pizza. 7) Order children's menu at restaurants/.  Smaller portions, cost less, 8) Cut the amount of pasta in a dish by adding more vegetables instead.  Still have the taste of pasta with less calories or cost.

I am here this evening from 4 -11 pm central time. My swim class is this morning so I will talk to you later.  Much love and blessings.

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