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Necessity May-19-2009

If necessity is the mother of invention, discontent is the father of progress.
Author: David Rockerfeller
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Here we are at the end of another month.  SItuations are changing, new ideas are happening, dreams are coming along the way.  We need both of these key elements in our lives, when starting to have growth, change and needs meet.  We need necessity to get us to moving for our needs, we need discontent to not stay where we are in apathy to fulfill the dreams, our goals.  ( Remember peppermint dispels apathy, so keep it around. ) We can bring changes, bring growth in all areas of our lives, when we work hard to remember to meditate, ask, seek and find new answers.

" My mother always said, try try again

It just seemed to hard to seem to win

I kept on going with out a clue

Of what next I was going to do

I looked up to the bluest of skies,

The answers weren't there I seemed to cry

I saw the birds flying in the trees

I knew they brought the message to me

Of hope. " - deborahmills - The Hope Series

Job search tips: ( Tori Johnson- GMA)

1) Check with unemployment office.  They have Career 1 Centers that will help us train for new skills, new jobs. 2) Check consistently with the union of your career. Ask them to call if they hear of anything. 3) If you are a vet, check at local VFW, they have eyes and ears we may not. 4) Dress smart.  A little more colorfully, spruce up. 5) Be sure to check on line every day.

I am here my usual hours today.  10-1 central time and 4 - 11 pm central time. . I may take a break around American Idol time. I see that Adam deserves to win.  He is a true star. 

Talk to you soon. love ya, Me, Bob and Bets.

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