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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
Positive thinking
Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviors. Keep your behaviors positive because your behaviors become your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny. By Gandhi | Our inner spirit tries to encourage us to remain positive in all ways, at all times. It is not always easy to be positive, to believe, to know that what we say with our mouth, believe with our heart is our destiny. This is why the dreams start in our heart, the creep into our heads.. Every known religion to man teaches that we have the power . Hindus believe that by keeping our bodies in balance, speaking what we want, we reach the “Ultimate” ( those of you who are Hindu if this isn’t correct feel free to enlighten me as I researched this just a bit), Christians believe that “if we say to this mountain, be thou removed and cast into the sea,it will be done unto us” Mark11:14, wiccans say ,”Harm ye none, as ye will, so mote it be. This goes on. The reason is because Higher power puts the dream in our heart, because he/she knows this is the ultimate destiny anyway, We are just learning lessons to be positive in the journey to get there so we always cherish reaching the goal. As it is already in our heart, we then think it, we believe it, it becomes how we live each day with our habits. If we continue to smile, to believe, regardless of the disasters round us, this will become our habit. Then positive things will be our destiny. Herbal magick: Often when I am worried about money I use mint in my candles. Along with sage, I often add the green dried mint we put in our tea, that is in our cupboards can help draw money to our coffers. Regardless of what is going on in our world, no matter what we can have our needs met through belief , letting Higher power take care of us. From (herb-s) : Magical Uses: Mint is placed in the home as a protective herb. It belongs to the sphere of Venus and has long been used in healing potions and mixtures. The fresh leaves rubbed against the head are said to relieve headaches. Mint worn at the wrist assures that you will not be ill. Its bright green leaves and crisp scent led to its use in money and prosperity spells. Fresh mint laid on the altar will call good spirits to be present and aid you in magic, especially healing spells. Added to incenses it cleanses the house or ritual area. Use for: Protection; Healing; Prosperity; Good Luck; Fortune; Justice; Travel; Exorcism. I had said I would be on my normal hours today. I had thought I was going to skip my grandson’s soccer game, but spirit says to go instead. I will be on from 3 pm – 11:30 pm central time today. I will be answering all emails, email readings, etc during this time as well. The keen mail system is running slow, I have cleared my cookies and history , but still having trouble getting to the reply page so be patient. I’ll answer . Keen is working on these issues. Here are my email readings offers: 2 for 2: I answer 2 specific questions using the tarot for $2.00 This reading will answer only the exact question and does not typically address time. Celtic cross: $10.00 = this should address what is happening in the next 2 -3 months. This is also typically a tarot card reading but if you prefer the odin rune stones , please request that. Animal totems: $10.00. These are the nine animal totems who guide us on a daily basis. They give us our personality, how to take the proper steps to handle a situation , or what we need. There are times when animals come that are not our personal totems but do have messages for us. So when we have a specific animal not our personal totem keep showing up, send a request for a $2.00 animal totem reading that can guide us in the message. The animal totem reading that is $10 does not predict future, but shows us steps Astrological charting: $40. This is quite extensive. Shows personality, health, steps. Does not predict future so much as show where you are heading. This requires birthday, birth time, place of birth. I start again tonight my special of when you add $10. I send 2 free minutes. I look forward to sharing with you this evening as I feel stronger each day as I spend more time in the other side each day. Talk soon. Love ya, me, Bob, Bets, T
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