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Rain, rain, rain....

It is not raining to me, It's raining daffodils; In every dimpled drop I see Wild flowers on distant hills.
Author: Robert Loveman
Source: April Rain, appeared in "Harper's Magazine", May, 1901

I never see the rain as a bad thing.  It cleanses the earth, it replenishes the earth.  From every drop, as this author, I see my green beans growing, My watermelons starting to bloom, my tomatoes growing fruit.  When the rains, the storms come, if we look outside of the chaos at the moment, we see ourselves sitting down, thinking, dreaming, of change that needs to come.  We can start that fresh chapter, that new beginning, the next page of our life.   How boring our lives would be if it never changed.  Yet we dread the change, especially when it is hard, when it is long.  Ah, patience, the virtue we desire, often alludes us.  Suddenly, the miracle starts to happen, and we can breathe easy again.  Don't despair, See the flowers in the rain.

"I watched the rain pouring down,

The storm that crashed all around

Wondering if it would ever cease

Questioning if clouds could ever ease

Then the sun came out to play

The earth alive , fresh to day

A rainbow appeared ever so near

To show new life would appear

With hope. "- deborahmills - The Hope Series


Jobs are few and far between. I researched some places that are sure to hire: 1) Google - 2) Ernst and Young - Accounting firm 3) Big Fish games - developer of online games . Some of these jobs, are work from home based. 4) Guardian Life Insurance 5) Microsoft 6) Alpine Access - collection agency. ( I"m quite sure this isn't the only collection agency hiring! LOL ) 7) Live Energy, Inc. - This is an energy consultant firm 8) Novertis - Pharmecutical company from Switzerland, hiring in the United States.  The HVP virus , they developed the drug for it. They need sales and developers. 9) Facebook - naturally, I think all of us have a facebook page. 10) Meetup Online, a new social network.  Here are some other things I personally do to make extra money. 1) SVC - I'm sure you've seen Ed McMan advertise it.  Listen, you have to work it, but buying certain products, promoting them on Ebay, Amazon, or even in your local paper, gifts, other items can bring in some extra bucks. 2) During the holidays, I make a really good carrot cake, so every year I have people who pay me to make them, carrot cake, fruit cake, pound cake, etc.  This can't be done on a large scale if your state is one that has a health law that doesn't allow you to cook in your own home.  But you can offer your services for parties, etc, using their own kitchen. 3) of course ebay, Half,com, , Craiglists.  4) I used to teach music lessons before it got too much.  4) My assistant/housekeeper got her job with me when I put up a sign on our mailboxes here where I live.  Check around, some apts places have onsite to clean turnarounds, apts that are empty and need cleaned. 

I am here my usual hours today.  I look forward to sharing with you.I so want each of you to be on a good path, in love, financially, in hope.  love ya, Me, Bob and Bets

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