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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
Sat - a great day

The good man is the friend of all living things.
Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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The world is in turmoil.  We, as humans, want to do so much even in our own times of trouble, heartaches, even when we feel our world crumbling around us, we are good.  We rise up out of our despair to reach out no matter the race, the ethnic, the faith system, the gender, even to be humane to animals.  WIthout thought of our own benifit, or expecting even the smallest praise, we all feel, are empathitic to the sorrows of others.  Without realizing it, we are building our own good karma.  The heavens see our hearts, not our mistakes, not our pasts that are not always the best, we all make mistakes, but when our hearts are full of love, do not doubt that Spirit is looking at that love, sees it, will reward us even when we love  without expecting anything back.  WE have the power.  We have the inner strength to help even the littlest way, we want to do this.  That is what makes us, the people who try their best even in times of heartache, to seek what our spiritual path is, to look for answers, to know we are doing the best we can in every situation.  Don't despair over delays, over bumps,  Know that this day, today, is going to be a good day.

Frugal tips:  Be proactive.  1) If we lose our job, money seems to not be stretching. Get in touch with our banks, our credit companies right away. Procrastination until there is already letters, court cases, can not only cause more money lost, but sometimes cannot be stopped. 2)  Save at least 50 cents in a jar, an old coffee can, something every day.  WE'll be surprised how much that adds up when real crisis hits. Even if we just throw our pennies in the can. 3) Check our credit cards bills throughly every month.  Last month Dec, I was looking at my credit card,  I saw a charge from Amazon on there. I've had problems with amazon before so called them.  They had no account in my name, no record of anything there.  My money was credited back to my card. There was also a card to AOL.  Now here again is a company that when I changed from them to cable internet they kept charging me for months, fighting every month over it.  Finally not only did they quit charging me, but had to pay back a quite abit of money.  Now I see another charge to AOL on a different card, but in calling I find that a company I use for advertising in some of my other ventures is associated with AOL.  Nowhere did I see in that marketing tool a reference to AOL or I wouldn't have started using it.  But when it came across on the credit card , there it is.  I'm going to give it a chance, but with AOL I've found that sometimes the only way to stop it is the cancel the card, get a new card and number.  That is very sad and difficult if we have other preauthorized debits coming from the card.  Check out our bank accounts, our credit cards, even the receipts at the grocery.  The other day the cashier, being human, accidently rang something up twice.  Now I was watching, but some of us just toss the receipt in the cart, run on to our busy world, then wonders where our money is going down the drain. LOL

I am here my usual hours today.  I want to apologize that I am no longer accepting appts. I know that this is a great convenience in our busy world.  The problem is that Keen isn't connecting the appts.  I have called but the techs can't seem to find a problem, or an answer so in changing this, I have found that spirit always has a reason. I've found that I don't have to cut a call short when the person still needs to talk for an appt coming through, I don't have to worry or stress I will miss one.  So looking at this spiritually, accepting that all life changes, I am being okay, being positive about this change.  May the universe bless you today, Much love, Me, Bob and Bets

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