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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
Spirituality helping all areas of your life.

The foundations of a person are not in matter but in spirit.
Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Our whole lives are built on spirituality.  This is the mission of our lives to grow spiritually first, then all other things will be added to us.   Once we start focusing on what spirit is teaching us in the situation we are dealing with, we can see how it is all falling into place.  Now sometimes, this doesn't mean, it is all OUR lesson.  Our lesson may be to wait while the other person catches us to us in spirituality level.   We can help this by focusing, meditation, affirmations, sending light to chakras,  sending positive energy into their lives even when we think that the person is not worth it, too much trouble.  Spirit doesn't want us to give up on someone we love, because this person has not learned the spiritual lessons as our pace.  It would be sad to watch them learn from our energy, our love, our time to move on to give the balance, harmony, and goodness with someone else.  We have been put into others lives for our growth, AND their growth.  No, it isn't always fair that we are asked to do hard tasks, we are being stretched beyond what we think is possible, but it's like in sports, when we do just that extra 10 pound weight, that extra mile of running, our GAINS are so much good for us too!

Frugal tips: Even though we are all down right now economically , it does make us feel good to help others such as the People in Haiti aftermath of their earthquake.  It can build our spirits to give. There are some things we should think about as we give: 1) Be sure to give to legitimate charities.  Research these.  Make sure they are helping the Americans , the families of American citizens, the children of this disaster.  In the time of trouble, many scams come up, research research research. 2) Do not give more than we can afford.   Yes, we want to give something, but as good stewards of our finances, give only what we can afford.  Perhaps give up that candy bar for $1. everyday, save it up, send that money.  (Our weight will love us for this too.LOL).  3. Give with open heart, it will be rewarded to us.

I am here most of the day today. I'm staying in.  At 6:15 pm, I'm running up to the clubhouse as we are having a meeting to discuss how to help the homeless here in our town a bit more. Our food bank has run out of food, there are no shelters.  I'll only be gone an hour. love ya, Me, Bob, Bets

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