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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
Tues. June 22nd- A New day for new beginnings

Two men look out a window. One sees mud, the other sees the stars.
Author: Oscar Wilde
Source: None

I have to admit it, I've always seen the stars.  I did see the mud too, but always saw it as something to make pies, or castles, or a puddle to jump into instead of wet dirt.  Sometimes I am asked, why do I stay so sure, so confident, so positive even in the face of storms, darkness, and unsurety.  These are the things that create changes, wonderful changes, such as the rainbow, the quiet whisper of life settling into the dark for rest, the need to get up, do something to give us our dreams.  Last night as I walked the dogs, I remembered how I love the summer nights in Tenn, this morning as we walked, I love the early morning with the heat beginning to rise, the birds starting to sing, telling me wonderful messages of the new day.  Life isn't easy, so seeing the castle in the mud in the small things is the way to keep centered, balanced , ready for changes.

Diet tips: In these days, we watch the commercials that convince us that we need to buy all this expensive food or meals to lose weight.  Yes, sometimes these things work.  But here's a few tips to keep us slim and trim without breaking the bank. 1)  Drink at least 2 cups of green or black tea a day.  This has flavonoids and catechin that is health promoting, anticancer, and helps speed up our metabolism. 2) Switch to whole grains, the nutrients are much better, they are low fat. 3) Use healthier fats- Do we know that instead of oil in cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc we can use applesauce for part of it.  Check it out.  Also an avocado works great instead of mayo on a sandwich. 4) Walk-walk-walk.  5) Cut out sodium.  This doesn't mean just the salt shaker.  Lately I've cut out all canned vegetables, even the ones that say no or low salt, no canned soups, and even the diet frozen meals such as lean cuisine ( which has 320 gms of sodium- ouch) and me, this person who has taken High blood pressure medicine for years has not taken any ( which my insurance doesn't cover so cost me $60.00 a month) yesterday, my bp with no meds now was 108/71!!!!! Yeah.!!! Think about the money saved on prescriptions, etc. 

I am here this evening.  This is my morning for swim class.  I do so look forward to sharing, helping each of you.  much love and light, Me, Bob and Bets.

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