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Turkey Medicine

Today I was talking to a client.  Back behind my home, is a wooded area.  My dogs , of course, started barking.  I looked up to see a huge bull wild turkey right outside the back door.  He was facing us and stood a minute then went on about his way. spirit led me to tell my client , this is turkey medicine sent to you.  Turkey is the medicine of the saints and the mystics.  With turkey, good news is coming as with him coming in your path, you are being given a gift.  The gift can be a small gift or it can be a large one.  Since this was a very large wild turkey, I'm sure he was telling my client that huge prosperity and news is coming her way.  The turkey also says, give and you will recieve back in every way. - paraphrased from Jamie Sames and David Carson "Medicine Cards". - (c) July 1999

May turkey totem come to you in a positive way.  Talk to you soon. love ya, Me, Bob and Bets

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That is an amazing totem thank you for educating us on it
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Great isnihgt. Relieved I'm on the same side as you.
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