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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth. Tom Barrett In our lives, no matter how hard we try to keep lives orderly, on path, in our little boxes, we all reach a time when we have chaos around us. The reason is because we are not islands unto our own (John Donne) but we always have other people , family, friends, coworkers, even the person in the car in front of us who isn’t paying attention, thus a wreck occurs. It changes our plans, our timeline of events. It doesn’t mean we won’t get to where we are going, it just slows us down, changes the direction of the journey, taking the long road around rather than the quicker, faster route. Our place our path in this is to be the center of the storm, the anchor that holds the boat in place during the chaos. We get all flustered ourselves thinking this isn’t MY plan for today, so now I’m all upset, when we need to stop, ask spirit what we are supposed to be doing, how we are suppose to be growing, what is our lesson? The good news is our spirit guides either give us the message early on so we are prepared, we may not know the exact time that the change is coming, but we can remain more centered about the situation. We can get our inner being ready for the extra junk, or the goal to actually be reached so that we go into the situation, calm, at peace, not frustrated, crazed ourself when others around us may be going nuts. We teach others in this whole situation. Oh, we may not care that our lives are turned upside down to teach others how to be in the midst of the storm, but later we will see our peace will help our situation in the long run as well. Take a minute today to see , is our life going exactly as we planned the day yesterday for today’s schedule or has spirit other plans? This is still a great day no matter the changes that may come. We will grow , we will survive. Animal totems: with all the rain, the beetle is seen on my deck. He is long a totem that comes when we need to settle down. he Scarab is a symbol of the sun and an emblem of Egyptian god Khepera, the god of the Sun and immortality. Their image was placed with the mummified remains of the dead as a source of new life in the next world. In the Middle Ages, alchemists drew the scarab in diagrams of the double spiral, which leads to the center of the universe. The Scarab brings new life and vitality. It can teach you how to pace yourself through the seasonal changes of the year. Also, gives insight into past lives and spiritual enlightenment.I had been told for a while from my spiritual guides to keep an eye on my dad. He is stress, afraid for my mom, doing more than he is used to doing, so my guides said this was coming. I am going to be off this am, Fri am to take him for tests at the doctors. I will be on this evening, and Friday evening. I will be starting earlier these days and on Thursday I will be on more hours than usual. My hours will be a bit different than usual but I will be on at some time. Each day I always ask what spirit wants me to do today, it’s not always my plan but we know that if we follow what spirit tells us , we will have happier, calmer, more abundant lives. When we are calm, we can help others better. Talk later today!! Love ya all bunches, Me, Bob , Bets, T
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