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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
giving Apr-18-2011
The only gift is a portion of thyself.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

All we have to give to others is ourself.   Truth be known,  this is all we really want from others, they want from us.   To be able to share our gift of love, our heart,our dreams, lets someone else have a piece of us that we hold the closest.    Money , things. won't get the emotional closeness that we want so to allow someone our heart is a joy.  The problem many of us face here is we are so afraid of being made a fool, being hurt, we never really give of ourselves.  We don't fully give in to the job we have , giving 100% because we don't like that boss, then wonder why the boss stays on our back.  The guy/gal isn't ready to committ in our time, when we need it, when we want it RIGHT now, so we toss the love aside, we can't do this anymore, then we want them back.  We thought we needed patience before, once we break it off, then get back together it is only harder , delaying it even more.  This is why spirit says to continue to give of ourselves even in the face of heartache, we will be rewarded.  Give and it will be given unto us.  ( Luke6 ;38 Christian Bible) .  The best thing we can give is of "me".

Herbal totems:  Cinnamon: from weejees:  Spirituality, success, healing, psychic powers, lust, protection, love. Burn cinnamon as an incense or use in sachets and spells for healing, money-drawing, psychic powers, and protection. Mix with frankincense, myrhh and sandalwood for a strong protection incense to be burned every day. A male aphrodisiac.   cinnamon can help lift depression apathy.  ( be sure if any problem is physical related, check with doctor)

I am off this am as usual.  I will be on this evening as usual.  I do so look forward to sharing with each person.  Spirit has a plan.  Let's share it.  Love ya, Me, Bob  Bets, T
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