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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
heron heart
We've only just begun to live White lace and promises A kiss for luck and we're on our way (We've only begun) Before the risin' sun, we fly So many roads to choose We'll start out walkin' and learn to run And yes, we've just begun Sharing horizons that are new to share Watching the signs along the way Talkin' it over, just the two of us Workin' together day to day Together And when the evening comes, we smile So much of life ahead We'll find a place where there's room to grow And yes, we've just begun -artist- the Carpenters writers - Roger Nichols, Paul Williams To dream the impossible dream To fight the unbeatable foe To bear with unbearable sorrow And to run where the brave dare not go To right the unrightable wrong And to love pure and chaste from afar To try when your arms are too weary To reach the unreachable star This is my quest To follow that star No matter how hopeless No matter how far To fight for the right Without question or pause To be willing to march, march into hell For that heavenly cause And I know If I'll only be true To this glorious quest That my heart Will lie peaceful and calm When I'm laid to my rest And the world will be better for this -Mitch Leigh, Roy Dorien Fairy Tales. Fairies, Sweet dreams, Easter bunnies, Santa Claus, we often think we are told we can achieve our dreams so spirit can punish, play a joke on us, or worse yet, the messenger wants to mess with our head. Impossibilities, heartaches the path can become so cluttered, often times by our own lack of belief that we help create the chaos with our anger, our tiredness, our lack of faith. This saying doesn't mean that because we are negative at times we keep our dream, our goal from happening. Dreams come from spirit, from the gods to be in our heart so we have hope for joy, for love, for good things to come. We all get negative at times. How we handle the negativity is how we get the path to go. Beating up the messenger, or worse the person we say we love, only creates more chaos as we have pushed more negative energy into the atmosphere around it. Disciplining ourselves to know that our path is this journey, determining to push away fear, anger no matter how hard, we will love ourselves more. Once a relative told me that i always get what I want, its annoying. Yet the sweat, the tears, the heartaches, the years that went into that, although this relative knew it, was forgotten, only that I achieved the dream. there was a quiz on facebook that asked How will your kids remember you? My answer for me : Perseverance Even in the toughest of times, you believe deep down that everything is will turn out for good. You understand that keeping your head up can get you through anything. So you tend always conquer and win in everything. Your kids will always remember your amazing perseverance. I know my kids call it stubborness, sometimes foolishness. Lol. Yes, sometimes It takes years, and the WAY the dream comes is often not quite what we think. Years ago having an argument with my mother, i said, Someday I will prove that I do love you. Just because I don't always do things exactly as others do, or what you expect doesn't mean I don't lvoe you. today Once again, I will visit her nursing home room, give her a hug , a smile as she laughs at my crazy antics, like the phone ringing as I started popping corn, didn't put the lid on the pot, so popcorn was flying all over the kitchen, and she knows I love her. The result isn't my best choice of how to show her, but spirit has a plan. listen to our seer, our messenger, believe in impossibilities. No matter who we chose when we look at the lineup, the listings, the spirit led us to chose this messenger. There will be a message just for us so we've only just begun to live. \ animal totem: Heron, : Bro heron stands in the water on one leg most times. Balance,, harmony with the environment, helps this totem to progress to evolve to be able to walk into the deeper rougher waters without fear. Although Heron stands in water easily , his totem loves Mother Earth, and Father Wind the air as well. His medicine teaches us to find our path, follow our dream, to find balance and happiness lady moon is Waxing Gibbous today, with remaining in Cancer the Crab. She heads toward the Full Rosemary Moon on Thursday. Leading us into love, romance and the thoughts of longing for spring. Rosemary is a good herb to help draw love in our lives, while the oil of Rosemary is good for use on hair to keep healthy. I am off this am as usual. I will return this evening as usual . May the fairies dance around each of us today. Love ya, Me, Cherokee, frankiecpone, Sugar, Apache, Apollo, T
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