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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
long winding road
The long and winding roadThat leads to your doorWill never disappearI've seen that road beforeIt always leads me hereLead me to you doorThe wild and windy nightThat the rain washed awayas left a pool of tearsCrying for the dayWhy leave me standing here?Let me know the wayMany times I've been aloneAnd many times I've criedAnyway you'll never know[And still they lead me backTo the long wnding roadYou left me standing hereA long long time agoDon't leave me waiting hereLead me to your doorBut still they lead me backTo the long winding roadYou left me standing hereA long long time agoDon't keep me waiting hereLead me to your door= Paul McCartney Lately in the morning when I play on my keyboards, these old songs about the jourmey,the path keeps creeping back into the memories. When I was younger, when a British group hit the United Ststes with a flurry,it was a time when those of us who were growing up was watching as the world around us started getting more chaotic, harsher, greedier.Our very souls because we were young,idealistic, innocence in childlife faith that we needed to band together, in love. We asked the spiritual world to let us reach out, touch somebody with love, with peace, to teach the world to have peace. Some of us never left that childlike faith, in the natural inner good of people. Greed, meanness, bitterness are learned behaviors, not born in most people. Oh, there are some that were born without a soul, but most people just pick up negative attitudes, ambition, over achieving from others around us, just like we pass a bad cold back ad forth, we keep cycling the negativity. All people have a journey to walk, a path to follow. Most of us are paths are not easy, it winds, it detours sometimes from our own mistakes, sometimes just because we, or the other person needs to learn tat lesson from that winding path. The time is because we forget in the fact that how WE live that path affects many people. Our attitude effects even the smallest child watching from the corner, the older neighbor down the street who sees from behind the corner of the parlor curtain he/she is peeping from, our best friend, the store clerk. Someone sees , someone is watching,someone is learning as we walk our journey how to walk theirs. Our journey always leads to the dream, the goal that spirit shows us is our outcome. Sometimes it just takes longer because we are touching many people’s lives with our faith, our hope, our own positive attitude as we walk our long and winding road that leads back to the real you. Animal totems: we don’t often get a chance to see a camel, but as we near the time when the stores etc will start to talk of the Christmas activities of Christian faith, we will see bro Camel start to appear in the windows, along the roads, in the catalougs. Camels are used for long journeys as they know how to prepare, be ready for the long, winding road that will be traveled to reach the detination. Here is what linsdomain says:People with camel totems have the ability to remain positivein the harshest of times and experiences. Their philosophy is always “the glass is half full.”Camel people often have unusual sleep habits, rarely sleeping through the night. They often power nap instead.The appearance of a Camel totem can signify hard times ahead, but everything will turn out good in the end. Remain positive and all will work out. Camel people can accomplish the impossible. I will be working this am and this pm as usual. I will be a little late as I have my yoga class before starting to work. My auction site listings took up some time and work this am so we will be answering all emails, 2 for 2s, etc later this afternoon. I look forward to sharing with each person that spirit sends to us. We try to speak with truth, clarity,understanding, non judgement as we help each person walk their long and winding road. Talk soon. Love ya, Me, Bob, Bets,T
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