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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
mae might
This world it keep achanging, can someone stop the train, the fast track of life is flying past again. Our live often feel as if a fast train going down the hill, without any brakes or conductor at the wheel. Life can seem so out of control with no means or ideas to take hold. But grab on tight. Life can be right as the Divine we know steps in with spirit flow to help us win again – deborahmills ( c) 2018 I have not failed . I simply found 10,000 ways that a light bulb doesn’t work – Thomas Edison Never give up, never give in, - the time has come that we can win – from Winston Churchill speech paraphrased Life changes. Every day. Even as a psychic we would have to look into a situation 24/7 to get a vision about all the changes that come with life’s twists and turns. No human has the mental or physical capability to catch every little turn, but we also know that these little curves in the path ahead that make up life’s changes, the way we perceive things, the choices we make in our lives. The main task we have as humans, is to be like Bro oak, our leaves may get to scatter in the harsh winds, but our main core, our roots, our stand is firm, strong, nothing shaking the belief, the foundation that we have in our lives, our hearts, our destiny, and our dreams. Dream on, Dream big, Dream Animal totems: Cardinal : Bro Cardinal is associated with winter, as he often doesn’t’ fly South for the Winter. Mated for life, his family withstands the cold by stability and strength. His bright red coat, helps him stand out on the white snow reminding Christians of the reason for their season, while the Pagans believe he is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. His totem reminds us that our Divine gives us our one great love to be in our life no matter the problems that may arise, while his medicine shares to withstand the cold times believing that spring will come. Lady Moon is Waning Crescent. She enters Sagittarius at 9:49 pm est while Mercury stays firm u retrograde until tomorrow the 6th. Use Cobalt to enhance psychic abilities, which also protects and transforms astral travelers. I am here until 12 noon today. I will be back again about 5:30 as usual. Tomorrow morning and Friday morning I will be off. My mom’s birthday and my grandson’s Christmas program so I will only be working the evenings. Please schedule early your calls. May the fairies dance around each of us today.Love ya, me, Cherokee, Frankiecapone, Sugar, Apache, Apollo, t
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