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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center.  So does a person.  ~Norman Vincent Peale
We are angry.  Someone, anyone is going to pay for our hurt.  The love of our life, the boss, the good friend who has been there, the waitress who messed up our coffee order, the doctor, the therapist.  Someone is going to feel our bite, the sting of our words as we lash out.   Then as we spin more, more out of control, people start acting differently toward us.  Why?  The waitress, the therapist, we PAY them for this, we have spent good money, yet in our own confusion, our own pain, are we truly right in what we believe to be true.  Perhaps as we are so intent on lashing out, we didn't give our order as we thought to the waitress, perhaps that $50.00 our husband spent really was on gas ( gas prices have gone up).   Having self-control might help us tame the storm instead of creating even more problems.  I remember watching Maury show one day.  A woman who thought her husband was cheating, so in anger, she lashed out at him telling him his beloved son was not his.  After months of heartache, anger, it landed her on the Maury show trying to prove to this man that he was the father!   Another male client told me that after months of being accused of cheating by his wife, he yelled ," ya, I've got 3 women on the side". well now he's trying to fix that lie.  Reacting too quickly, so sure we are right, "just being honest'"  without the calm self-control, can put us in the place of being alone, people drawing away.   We must find our power not in hurting others around us, but to stop the storm by drawing from the calm center to change things to joy.
stone magick:Jade has always been a favorite of mine.   IT draws money  blessings, and abundance to us. from paganlore: Dream stone; stone of fidelity; brings realisation to ones potential & devotion to purpose; releases suppressed emotions; peace; access to the spiritual worlds; wisdom;confidence; helps the heart, hips, kidneys, spleen, skin, and hair
I am off this am as usual. Sorry this is later than usual . I wrote it once, and for some reason it didn't go out the first time. Spirit must not have liked the way it was written the first time so I am rewriting differently.  I love each person that spirit sends me very much.  I believe with all my heart this is the work I'm suppose to do.  Remember though, that we advisers are human.  When we as clients lash out because WE are so sure they are wrong, please do not feel hurt when the advisers feel no longer able to help.  When we are lashed out at, via email, feedback, or on the phone, we feel we are hurting the client rather than help.  (One young male adviser in my group who is a precious soul had this happen to him recently) When we have cussed, yelled, belittled them, then realize we still want their love, their help,  sometimes we might find the adviser cautious about continuing.  Some advisers will block, because " I have spent so much money " they block because that's not the point.  If we can't help the client, much like the surgeon who no longer tries to take the cancer out by surgery, we just don't give empty treatment.   There are many many times when a client lashes out at me, then later comes back wanting readings again.  I GENERALLY don't block, because i truly believe in what I say. Listen carefully to EVERYTHing the adviser is saying.  
My schedule this week is Mon 4:30 -11 pm central time Tues am & pm hours, Wed am & pm hours, Off Thursday, Friday, Sat am, Back on Sat pm 4:30.  I love you all bunches, Me, Bob, Bets, T

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