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sunshine Sep-16-2011
The reason that the sun shines, warms us is to nurture, to love to let us feel happy. These days we are told to stay out of the sun because of cancer, etc, but we have to remember that everything in the universe is here for divine reasons, for a plan , for our use. The sun has Vitamin D, keeps our bodies warm, we must get out in the sun. We must get out into the light, quit letting fear of everything that has been given to us keep us from stepping out into faith and belief that things will get better, that life can be full of sunshine if we just let it. We are always asking WhY did this happen to me without seeing the glory of today . Last night on a rerun of the Golden girls, Sophie tells her friend who wants to commit suicide, “ Life isn’t about peace, it’s just about living each day to the fullest” . Yes there is problems, don’t live in fear but the sun still rises even in the midst of the rain, Father Sol shining down through the angel’s tears, warming , nurturing, loving us. Animal totems: I talked yesterday of Ganeshji, Hindu god. Face of an elephant so today will share about elephant. Linsdomain says: An Elephant totem gives you ancient wisdom and power to draw upon. It embodies strength and power. Elephant people often have a very strong sex drive. Through the use of fragrances and incense, Elephant can guide you to new energies and power. Elephant people show great affection to their families, caring for the young and the elderly. They also have an inborn knowledge of roots and plants. An Elephant will give you insight into the power of the three feminine energies: child, mother and old wise woman (or crone). The Hindu god Ganesh, god of overcoming obstacles, is associated with the Elephant. I am here my usual hours today. I will run a little late due to my yoga class but will stay on this afternoon until 1:30 to make up. I will be off until around 3 pm on Sat as my grandson’s soccer season has started. If it rains, I will be on instead. I am continuing the special of add $10 I will send 2 free minutes. It has been so well received that I can’t reach everyone so will continue it until further notice. Looking forward to continuing to share. I still offer my email readings so just send those as well. Remember I do each of those individually so please allow until the evening to expect an answer of those. I usually try to answer them around the 3- 4 pm hour but may be off slightly. Talk soon. Love ya, Me, Bob Bets, T
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