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today Tuesday
It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.  ~Leo Tolstoy

Ever baked a cake that literally fell apart even when icing it, but when we started eating it, it was just darn good?   We take a job, that seems so easy to get hired, it looks so good on paper, with little perks, add-ons to the contract, then when we get it- oh my gosh, no wonder it was so easy to get, it is a horrible negative job.   We meet this awesome looking person, who everybody flocks to be around, he/she gives us the time of day, only to find them boring, rude, self-absorbed.   When things just come so easily,  doesn't have a waiting time, a time where obstacles, irritants get in the way, looking at the situation from all angles may tell us why, that there will still be some lessons to learn later.   Many times spirit has shown us that two people will get married but we want to fix the obstacles, the problems, the things that need compromising before the marriage.  People rush into this only to find marriage doesn't change the problems, so the battles are still there.   That great job is no negative that we feel as if we have to drag ourselves to it everyday, wondering what went wrong?  We are only scratching the surfaces,  winning the brass ring is important, we forget to enjoy the ride, to get the messages that come before we reach the goal.   We must listen to our instincts, our own spirit, listen to the spiritual advice given, rather than the surface faults, discouragement that others may see.  No person is perfect.  So when we believe that although he/she appears rough/crude/a complete jerk to us, to others who care about us, scratch the surface, find the gold underneath, see if we can draw out the real heart of this person before tossing him/her aside.   The next person, although looking like a dream come true, may be even worse.    Several years ago, a client from here in town,  was married, with 2 children.  Her husband wasn't the best husband in the world, so she started dating the married song leader at their church.    Look, he was a "Christian" , working hard in the church activities, he worked 2 jobs, he did things with his family, his kids, he had monies ( so it appeared).  The pair ran off from their spouses, cleaning out the bank accounts of both families, moving to another state.  Her husband came to me, in tears,  spirit talked to him of his part in this, but when she called , we said " go back to your husband, ( in this case, as we saw the real person behind the appearances, sometimes we should go back to our love that spirit sends us) , but she didn't.   3 months later, the "song leader'  took all the monies they had joined together in a bank account, went back to his wife.   She did come back to her husband, it did start working out.    He changed, she changed. Spirit taught them some harsh lessons.  This is why often when we are told by friends, family, just dump this jerk, find someone else,  that isn't always the answer.  We should stay with the one our spirit, our hearts, our dreams tells us will work , even if appearances are more fetching elsewhere.  Beauty can be arrogant, selfish, self-absorbed, on the surface with nothing underneath.  beauty can be a delusion that deceives.

herbal magick: Ginger:  Masculine, Mars, Fire. Magickal attributes: Power, success, love, and money.. The use of this herb in cooking, candles, etc will draw these attributes toward us.  Add a little to daily life.   from wolfmoongrave:  Acts as an aid to ingestion or colds (tea form). Also in tea form, good for cramps, to stimulate the digestive organs, migraines and nausea, external stiffness.  Can be added to the bath as a way to ease pain and increase circulation, but only use a few sprinkles, not to much, like cayenne, ginger quickly brings the blood to the surface of the skin. For pain you can also soak cloths in ginger tea and apply them directly to the painful areas.

I am here my usual hours today.  I ask spirit to send me the people that I can help today, and the clarity to give the message the right way.  Looking forward to sharing with each person today. Love ya, Me, Bob. Bets, t
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