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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
trust Sep-22-2011
You can as easily love without trusting as you can hug without embracing. ~Robert Brault, Trust is a hard thing to give. To another person, to the universe , to our own higher power. We don’t’ want to be made a fool of, giving trust, forgiving, once again giving chances when nothing has proven to us that he/she, the spiritual world is on our side. We want to love , we want to believe but when things seem to go the other way rather than move forward as we always thought trusting just seems to be right there almost within our reach but still seems to allude us. Our task although seeming impossible, is to hug tight to our spiritual beliefs , to walk the walk, not just talk the talk regardless of what is going on around us, our task is to grasp tight, hugging to belief, embracing what we KNOW should be coming. We often say we love him/her but then we think, feel , say such horrible things around us, our family, our friends say how can we trust him/her just walk away. We wonder why others are saying just kick this dream to the curb when we are so sure spirit is in it. Remember what we put out to the universe, is what others believe, others trust, we create our own reality. We must love with trust, we must hug with embracing. We then will see the complete answers, the completion to our dream as we do our part with trust. Stone magick: Lately in making jewelry, I have been drawn more to crystal quartz. This is very strong mojo medicine, from wicca magic site: mplification, divination, gardening, healing, magickal power, meditation, mental ability, physical energy, protection, psychic ability. This stone is important these days with all the worries, we must keep this stone to keep clear heads to move forward as lives get more hectic. I am here fro 9:30 today to 1 pm then again this evening my regular hours. I do so look forward to sharing with each person spirit sends my way. Looking forward to sharing today. Talk soon. Love ya, Me, Bob, Bets, T
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