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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.
walking the path to destiny
Sometimes, perhaps, we are allowed to get lost that we may find the right person to ask directions of. ~Robert Brault, I love this. When asking spirit for the right quote today, I found this one. It seemed so appropriate as we go through struggles, heartache, often we stop, we ask why we have been put through this chapter with such pain , such inner turmoil. Later in hindsight, we will look back, see all the people , all the ways we have changed, the growth both spiritually, emotionally everyone in the situation has made, when we get our dream, our miracle , we can be thankful for what we went through during the storm. Oh, we will fight it, we will hate it, we will yell, curse this battle, this path we are led on, stating to all that this cannot possibly be spirit because it is so hard. Yet, each day we meet new people in our searching. Good , bad each person that comes into our life comes because spirit has allowed them to cross our path. Sometimes we meet someone who we feel has nothing to offer us, must be a terrible person, yet here he/she is talking, interacting in our life. This teaches us to discern who may/may not have the right message. Also most times spirit shows us that WE are being led to be the one on the high road, the one to be the teacher, the leader, the example. We grow so much through out our day to day problems, life, being stretched just a little more. Lately I am a walking ball of sore! The yoga classes reach muscles I didn’t know I have stretching me just a little more. Yet I know the end result which I can already see great changes is what I want to achieve. In our emotional, spiritual lives are the same. We will get the dream, we will have our destiny. I often tell single people who want someone in their lives. Sspirit is just giving you this time of rest, because just when we get used to it, spirit will say okay time to stretch them , making sure we go through all the tests of compromise, growing, changing to allow this person in our lives. Believe me spirit never leaves us stagnant! Sometimes we just get lost for a minute to meet all the people we meet along the way. Animal totems: I do readings for people to find their own personal 9 totems around them. Yesterday in my meditation time, my own personal totem of badger who hasn’t shown up in a in while came in. The power of the Badger totem is its aggressivenessand the willingness to fight for what it wants.This aggression can also be turned to healing - for Badger is the keeper of Earth's healing herbs. Badger people are quick to express their feelingswithout concern for the consequences. They are often healers who have the courage to use unconventional methods.Badger has the ability to persist to find a cure.Badger people are often leaders and bosses, the one who will get the job done.If you have a Badger as a totem, you will likely be solitarybut comfortable being alone.You are comfortable in your own skin and very self-reliant.Badger anger can get your out of apathy,but be careful not to cut yourself (or others) to ribbons.Badger is a powerful totem when used properly. Cunning badger of the forest,Guide me to wisdom, truth and light.All injustices against me,Wipe clean the slate and set them right.I’m blessed as I don’t often have many injustices against me. I go to bed at night comfortable to sleep well as I know that badger totem has helped me try to do everything I do with love and truth. ( some of this writing from linsdomain) I am off this am to take my father to a test at VA in Nashville. As many know a couple of years ago he had cancer. This is just a routine maintenance check. I will be on this pm from 4pm – 11 pm. Talk soon as I love to share with each person spirit sends!! Love ya, Me, Bob, Bets. T I’
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