The Art of Self Protection


Ever have drinks or lunch with someone who spent the entire time unloading every possible problem?  In the end they walked away feeling wonderful and you walked away feeling incredibly drained and depressed.  Maybe there was a time you felt someone was interfering with your ability to think rational thoughts or make you believe something about yourself that just wasn’t true.

In everyday life whether we realize it or not, we need to constantly check in with ourselves and stay centered or grounded.  You wouldn’t get in a car without fastening your seatbelt or go into the cold night air without a jacket, right?  Protection is essential in order to survive.   This past week I’ve received so many calls regarding painful situations and the common theme I have discovered during these calls are that we all need to focus on getting grounded.  When we are grounded our annoyance level decreases, our negative beliefs about ourselves start to disappear and painful energy has no room in our bodies.  I’m in the middle of reading a great book called “Your Aura &Your Chakras-The Owners Manual” by Karla McLauren and in her book she discusses some wonderful techniques for getting grounded.  One grounding technique she uses is very simple.  Imagine a long cord coming out of your first chakra (see my blog on Healing Quick Fixes to locate your first chakra), extending down to the center of the Universe while imagining all negative energy leaving your body and traveling down the cord.   She also talks about creating a room inside your head with four walls, a floor and ceiling.  You can hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign outside the room and go to this place whenever you need to get centered.  She recommends saying your name out loud three times to bring yourself back into a grounded place while doing these exercises.  We can ground our homes, our cars, our computers, etc.  When you are grounded you are living in the present moment.  Grounding your cars and computers is especially effective if you have constant difficulties on a regular basis.  She warns not to ground other people’s possessions, homes or cars because you may be interfering with their karma.

Another fascinating book is “Psychic Protection” by Ted Andrews.  In one chapter, he talks about readings and different red flags to watch out for when getting a reading, along with how to discern what is false from what is real.  He also recommends using caution when accepting a gift from someone you suspect of having negative energy, because even gifts can be charged with negative intentions.    It’s a good idea to return or dispose of all possessions connected with a person in order to sever the ties on a psychic level.  Personal items serve as a link or doorway to you.  Time spent in nature is also a great way to ground, along with warding off attacks.  Bless the person and forgive yourself as well as the attacker.  Brown candles are great for grounding and stabilizing.  Try burning a white candle to determine the presence of negative energy.  According to Ted Andrews, “If it smokes a great deal and the smoke is dark, negativity is being burned off.  As the smoke dissipates and the candle burns clean, it indicates the environment is clean as well.”

Burning Sage in each room will help remove harmful energies from your home.

If you find yourself in a situation that threatens your comfort level, remember to cross your feet and bring your hands together in your lap with your fingers touching to create a boundary as well as protection from people trying to take away your energy.  When feeling depleted, imagine the golden sun above your aura, just over your head, and feel the warmth of your gold sun.  This gold sun represents the infinite amount of energy available to you, which not only helps in healing but also restoring your energy.

By understanding techniques to bring yourself back to center, you can save much time and energy spent on repairing the damage caused by unhealthy situations.

I hope this helps & I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Peace & Happiness,

Diosa Readings

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# re: The Art of Self Protection @ Saturday, December 08, 2007 9:54 PM
This is very helpful. Great!
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Diosa this is so good and interesting. Thanks I will try this out. Lisa
# re: The Art of Self Protection @ Monday, December 10, 2007 5:01 PM
I agree 100%, thank you very much for the insight.
# re: The Art of Self Protection @ Saturday, January 05, 2008 6:59 PM
Thank you so much, I wish I had of taken the time out to read this when you first sent it to me.
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