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Divinus's goal is to facilitate of your desired created reality to your perfect inner spiritual blueprint through personal transformation by insightfully merging intuition and sympathetic listening, thus confirming your inner feelings and guidance.
Happy New Moon!
This is to intend happy New Moon phase (+- three days around Sunday April 15th) wishes your way. The monthly energy of the New Moon is conception or birth, and its analogy is the Spring Equinox around March 20 every year. These are both powerful times for clarifying your vision of your heart's desire and planting spiritual flower seeds in our garden of intention. It's a good time to start new projects, begin relationships and plant physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual gardens. Two weeks following the New Moon is the Full Moon on Sunday April 29th. The energy of the Full Moon is harvest and its analogy is the Fall Equinox energy several days before and after around September 23 every year. This is the time of fruition and manifestation of your spiritual and material intentions with flowers in full bloom in the garden of creation. In the universal spiritual garden of creation, a seed vision of intention planted in darkness, eventually sprouts with love and nurturing necessary to blossom into a beautiful flower ... as above so below in the physical world of manifested creation. Likely outcomes are a balance of free will choice and a divine plan. From a higher spiritual perspective, not many created events are completely fated as we have an individual ideal plan within the collective divine plan and our choices may facilitate the ideal blueprint we wish to create by spiraling up creating the best outcome through making the best choices. So even though the universe always supports the best energy in accordance with our plan, we are responsible for much of our life experience with our free will choices through applying spiritual principles, positive emotions, enlightened thoughts, and wise physical action. Remember, to help create the ideal relationship/vocation/prosperity, just keep intending/visualizing/feeling the essence of how you would feel as if you already have the ideal relationship/vocation/prosperity; while intending joy, unconditional loving faith in the unseen divine will perfection of all circumstances, and gratitude prior to desirable events appearing. Most on the spiritual path have heard follow your heart this is partially because the mind focuses on what is at risk that could be lost and the heart focuses on what could be shared. Best practice is to give first what we wish to receive so that seed of unconditional love will blossom and be returned in a bountiful harvest ideal desired intention. Also, most important as much as possible to intend focusing on stringing together continuously one after another: gratitude for divine loving joyful beautiful present moments. Although not easy for any of us all the time, to the best of our ability to help create the ideal relationship/vocation/prosperity, prior to desirable events appearing, focus on our own spiritual self-improvement by healing/clearing issues, and consistently intend/visualize/feel and 'BE' the essence in the present moment as if you already have the ideal relationship/vocation/prosperity, etc., while consistently intending: love, faith, gratitude, hope, joy, and patience in the unseen divine perfection of all circumstances. For example, while intending/feeling a sense of gratitude at all times for the blessings we already have, a continuous expression of faith, in the unseen ideal creation desired, supports a nurturing of our vision that may blossom into manifesting many beautiful blessings of our divinely aligned wishes. So to help co-create our ideal miraculous reality in accordance to our divine plan: intend giving and receiving LOVE = (through the virtues of JOY + KINDNESS + PATIENCE + HOPE +FAITH + GRATITUDE). For pathfinding guidance clues, observe/note repeating signs (i.e., Synchronicity ... e.g.; names; numbers; symbols; etc.) around you for clues to help you identify the best opportunities/people. To further assist your spiritual transformation reality creation, check out referenced resources in my spiritual bibliography posted at:
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