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A day in the life of an accidental seer.
Holiday in California
Well, I smashed my phone the day before a weeklong trip to California despite Mercury going direct. That means that the universe is telling me to relax for a week! I'll be leaving tomorrow, on my 35th birthday, and returning to resume email reading work on Monday, June 13th. If you buy a reading or request an appointment during my absence, please be aware that my response will be delayed until that date. My new summer appointment hours will be starting once I get a replacement phone, so stay tuned for that announcement after my return. As always, email readings don't require an appointment and will be answered in the order they are received as soon as possible for minimum interruption of service for my regular family of clients. P.S. After battling cancer this year, I'm just so happy to be reaching my 35th birthday tomorrow! Raise a glass to me and celebrate this weekend! Take care.
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