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Happy Spiritual New Year To All


Spiritual New Year is recognized by many faiths and cultures.  While some celebrate it in a secular way as Halloween, Pagans and Wiccans see it as Samhain.  While those of Jewish faith see it as the beginning of the High Holy Days, others may see it as the fading of the warmth of summer and the ushering in of the hibernation of winter.  However it is viewed, this time of year holds spiritual significance.


We celebrate the physical new year on January 1st,  but October 22nd – 24th is celebrated as the time of rebirth for our spiritual self and a great time for bringing in the healing energies created at this time of the year. 


We may notice by ‘coincidence’ that leading up to Spiritual New Year, many changes seem to occur.  Things appear to go awry for some reason and it seems like we have to struggle more than normal to keep ourselves in balance.  There seems to be a lot of movement in life toward the end of September through October.


This is interesting because from September 23 through October 23, we are in the astrological sun sign Libra, the balance sign of the zodiac.  Perhaps the Universe has orchestrated that Libra’s balancing influences be available to assist us in maintaining composure during this time of spiritual flux – indeed the synchronicity of the Creator’s wisdom is pretty clear in this regard !


So how can we celebrate Spiritual New Year? Do we don party hats, blow toy horns and toast each other with champagne?   Personally, I would leave that type of celebration for our calendar New Year.  Spiritual New Year is a time of spiritual renewal, and for taking a metaphysical inventory of where we stand in our personal journey.


Here are some ideas:


  1. Contact our Angels, Spiritual Guides and/or Ascended Masters with whom we feel a connection and invite them to join us.

  2. Take a walk in nature, in a park, or the woods, or by a river, lake or seashore to commune with creation.

  3. Give ourself a 30 minute meditational break to consider where we are in our spiritual growth.

  4. Contemplate our NOW, how we feel spiritually, and what changes we would like to effect.

  5. Sit down with a pen and a pad for fifteen minutes or so.  Write our name in the center of a page and free associate words that come, no matter what words we ‘hear’ – write them down around our name.  Save for later J

  6. Give a gift back to the community in which we live, be it our spiritual community or physical community.  Share our blessings with others without expecting something in return.

  7. Give thanks to the Divine Creator, Mother God, Father God, Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, the All That Is, however you recognize your Higher Power --- for who we are, where we are and why we are.  Be grateful.

  8. Before going to sleep, read over the free-association words that we wrote up earlier in the day, and ask our guides to show us in dream state how these words will fit into our new spiritual year.  Write down any dream experience we have upon awakening, even if it is just an emotion that is remembered.

  9. Know in our heart of hearts that we are children of God,  viable pieces of the cosmic puzzle with a purpose to fulfill, even if we do not immediately recognize that purpose. Trust the process of life and our higher purpose will come when we are ready to receive it.


Spiritual New Year is a most inspirational period of time.  Use the heightened energies to focus on our spiritual goals and create our own balanced reality. Create joy ! Create fulfillment! Create our new world!


Wishing everyone many blessings in your NOW with Love, Light and Gentle Vibrations …


Rev. Bee
Dolphyn Wisdom of the Ancients
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