Are you Tom and Joanna ?? Or maybe Thomasz /Thomas/ Jo/Johanna/...???

There's someone with a not-so-oversized sweatshirt (grey and blue) carrying a box under his right arm and walking hurriedly.  His name might be Tom or Thomas (yes, it's a guy).

Ah- this one will be one of those who goes to another State or another country and then comes back a completely different "CELEBRITY!!"

Not for music, not for song.

Not for food, and definitely not for acting.


It was not what they planned .

They're dating a person named "Joanna" at the moment.


Know what it's for?


They become a celebrity because of a game- one that hasn't been invented just yet!

(ah you were about to guess that, weren'tya!)


Do you know Tom?
Do you know Joanna?

Maybe you are one of them-


As a spy-girl though, I have to confess that it's really tempting to describe the game and give its secrets away.




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