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Psychic Phillipe Durant solves case of disappearance of Hairdresser Paula Brown using map and a lock of Brown's hair

In 1996, Paula Brown, a “happy, bubbly and friendly” hairdresser was out on the town with friends in Sydney, Australia. But she disappeared in the course of the night and, in the coming days her fiancée would request the help of psychics in the search for Paula. Eight days after that fateful night, Paula Brown’s body was found. But despite the efforts of Simon Turnbull, Phillipe Durant and another psychic, the police were reticent to acknowledge the accuracy of their work. Psychic detectives aren't always welcomed by the police force. Often the family of the victim will be so desperate for answers they will enlist the help of a psychic. That's exactly what Paula Brown's fiancé did when she went missing after a night out with friends in Sydney Australia in 1996. The fiancé provided the psychic, Philip Durant, with a map of the area and a lock of the Brown's hair. The psychic provided police with some highly accurate information, including the location of the body, but ultimately a truck driver found her body by chance.

In response to Durant’s prediction, the police representative commented, “Even though the body was discovered purely by chance, the speculation by a clairvoyant appears to have been uncannily accurate.” Paula was found less than two kilometers from the location indicated by Durant. Other psychics also directed the family to the location in Port Botany, Sydney, but the initial search failed to find Paula. A second discovered her only fifteen meters from the original site. Sadly, in keeping with the information of the psychics, she was dead. Even though they had the body and surveillance camera footage of the area, the police took another six years to bring her suspected killer to an inquest. But the investigation has included claims of involvement by devil worshippers, claims of drug taking and the hypnotism of a witness to help recall information. While the New South Wales Police are hesitant to recognize the benefit of working with psychics, it is clear that without them Paula Brown’s family could have to wait a great deal longer for justice.

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