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As a reader I have.......

respect for the gifts and abilities of others... just as I expect respect for my readings as I am a reader who has the utmost respect for my callers. And as such I would never presume to tell a caller that my reading is more accurate than anothers.... it is an issue that apparently does occur frequently. I never assume or presume that another did not provide an honest accurate read on a situation when they read on it even if they got something completely different than I did when I read on it. I usually tell the caller that is what he/she got when they read and this is what I get on it, I cannot change, what I see or do not see just because another did not get the same.

The reason I felt driven to write this blog, was that a client emailed me that she had received an email from an advisor who told her in no uncertain terms that she was being fed false hope and harmful delusions when she was being told that she would be contacted by a man she had been involved with. Frankly I would never tell a caller that I saw contact if I did not SEE that contact. I am the last reader who would ever give ANYONE I read for false hope. I waited over two years for a call that did not come, and it took me 18 months to *COP ON* before I realized that I had wasted all that time, and it was my choice to do so, but all the time being told that the call would come. So any reader who thinks that they know *ALL* may not in fact have all the answers. It is necessary to have respect even if you as a reader got something different when you read on the same issue or question.....

I do not expect from others what I cannot or will not provide for others myself.... There may in fact be many answers to a question..... and no one can judge the abilities of others nor should they do so...


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