How to keep healthy boundaries in your relationships
Asking the same question over and over will not..... Aug-06-2007

change the answer. Calling the same reader many times in the same day is not emotionally healthy,  especially if you have already been given what information that was available for the same question that was asked many times. It shows too much focus that can be bordering on obsession, which is never a good thing. That will not make the call you desire happen, that will not improve your chances of having the kind of relationship you want with the peson you desire. Give that prediction time to manifest, things will not change in the same day.

You CANNOT control a person or situation by getting readings, You cannot control when they call you, make their move to initiate a relationship, leave their wife for you........ and attempting to manipulate a person or situation will NEVER work. You must try to temper your dependence on readings......

Please know this when you call. Calling many times on the same day, even calling every day may result in my taking the action of blocking you if I have told you that you are calling too often, that you are too focused upon the issue you continue to call about.  I feel honor bound to do so. I do not like to block but I will if you insist on calling numerous times, asking the SAME thing that you have ALREADY been given a prediction on, on the same day.... I will do so. Sorry.



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